**Overheard on Septa**

****Photo: Drew Jacksich from San Jose, California / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)


Broad St Line Nov 1st 

We got on at City Hall station. I got off at Cecil B. around 8pm on Wednesday. The break dancing family was talking to me but you and I kept exchanging glances.

We locked eyes as I was leaving and I smiled. Was kinda hoping you’d hop off and get my digits.



Frankford Terminal Septa Employee 

Not that you will ever see this but I wanted to let you know that you are incredibly sexy. I enjoy walking by you every morning and seeing your gorgeous smile, you are usually at the top of the steps.



Lexus KBX-1851 on Germantown trying to kill everyone

Hey, thanks for endangering the lives of everyone in Chestnut Hill as you drove into oncoming traffic just to pass a SEPTA bus. My kids are 5 and 8 and I’m glad wherever you were going was more important than their lives or the lives of the people going about their daily lives you disgusting pig.



Stunning blonde left the SEPTA at Fern Rock

I had my card out to give you my number, but thought you would leave the train somewhere in center city and missed my window. Tell me what you did a couple minutes into the ride and I’ll treat you to a coffee or some lunch!



Megabus 11/8 NYC to Philly

I guess you were sitting in front of me the whole ride and I didn’t notice until the lights came on and I moved across the aisle to wait for my friend to get his stuff. You heard my friend ask if I had my stuff and I looked at my Red Bull and said “yep seems like it… wait Idk why I’m acting like this redbull is everything I own” and you laughed. You were cute ! I would have liked to talk to you while my friend was sleeping haha.



30th Street Tuesday afternoon 4:00 

Caught your eye earlier at 30th Street and by the septa rail board. Maybe recognize you from when I flashed you my junk on the NHSL a few years ago? I was getting hard on the seat across from you and whipped it out for you. Let me know.



The man on my morning train 😍 – (Fox chase line) 

Today was the first time I saw you before we got off at suburban. I don’t know who you are and I may never but you are a BABE wow. Most likely you know this already (how could you not) but in the case you read this just know you are incredibly handsome. You have a black/gray sleeve and always wear khakis. That butt. Dang.


30th Street Station Angel 

You were waiting on the platform on Saturday morning for the train to Thorndale, all bundled up against the cold. I saw you from behind, your silky black hair weaving a spell on my attention. Then I saw your angelic face, and it made my heart skip a beat or two or three. When we got on the train, we sat in the same row, but we were separated by miles by the aisle. I got off at Bryn Mawr Station, but you continued on your journey to whereabouts unknown. But in my imagination, we struck up a conversation, and everything changed.